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    Clove, coconut, baking chocolate and roasted walnut

    Perfect everyday cup for those who like a good kick of flavor. 

    Dark roast blend combined of 30% of Nepal beans and 70% of an Indian Monsoon. 

    This low acidity blend keeps the natural flavors vibrant and smooth. IT's SUPERNATURAL. 



    About India Monsoon:

    What makes a monsoon coffee unique is the drying out process where naturally processed beans are are exposed  are exposed in layers of four-to-six-inch thickness to moisture laden monsoon winds in a well ventilated brick-or-concrete-floored warehouse. This process is carried out on the coastal regions of Western India making use o winds from the Arabian Sea during the Southwest Monsoon months of June thru September.

    Monsooned coffee is lowest acidic coffee best for your digestion. Full body and pleasant earthiness to its' unique taste. 

    About Nepal:

    A Taste From the Himalayas!

    An Arabica Coffee sourced from Nepal. Wild House Coffee's purchase of coffee beans 100% supports each of the local farmers and their communities in conjunction with Non-Profit Elevate Nepal thats mission is focused on education, employment, public Health, infrastructure in Nepals poorest and rural areas. 

    A little History of Sapana Coffee:

    In Nepali, Sapana translates to dream. Everything in life begins with a dream. For thee team at Sapana Coffee, this dream was to create opportunities in remote villages across Nepal.

    What began as a volunteer trip for Founder Dan Maruer to Nepal in 2011, grew into a mission to support local farmers and share this distinctly unique coffee with the rest of the world.

    Sapana Coffee, in partnership with Elevate Nepal, is involved with every step of the process from seed to cup, to guarantee that every person in the supply chain is treated fairly. Our coffee is grown with organic practices on one single farm in the shadow of the Himalayan mountains. This bright, fresh, and silky coffee has notes of stone fruit, toasted grains, roasted notes, and dark chocolate.

    Sip with satisfaction knowing that you are making a dream come true in Nepal. Dhanyabad (Thank You).


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    Wild House Coffee

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