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Wild House Coffee was built just as it’s name says, Wild. Not in a disarray wild. But a surrendered wild to a vision and mission to bring the world together over coffee.

Mike Signorelli along with Dhanuka and Emily Ekanayake, came together one day through a conversation built on curiosity. What kind of coffee does Sri Lanka have? What about other countries in Asia? This evolved to taking action and partnering with unique farms in rural parts of Asia to expanding it’s curiosity in a cup globally. 

Mike, a native of Northwest Indiana, had delved deeply into the world of coffee for over a decade. His journey included rigorous education in tasting, cupping, and processing coffee in Colombia. His heart for people longs to transform their lives and become everything they were created to be. One way to do that is through relationships. Relationships are built over coffee. 

Dhanuka, born amidst the scenic mountains of Sri Lanka, grew up on his family's tea and spice estate. He honed his skills as a professional tea taster for two years, mastering the art of blending and innovating new flavors. His innate talent lies in crafting unique taste profiles that goes into every blend Wild House Coffee provides. There is time and excellence put into every batch. 

Emily, the wife of Dhanuka, brought her own perspective and passion to the table. Raised not too far from Mike, in Wisconsin, she brings her creative flair with her diverse background in product development and design. 

Based in Long Island City, New York, Wild House Coffee is renowned for Rare and Exotic coffee beans sourced from unique countries, starting East in Asia. Each cup takes you on a flavor-filled journey, with hints of caramel, chocolate, and subtle spices, culminating in a smooth finish. What truly sets Wild House Coffee apart are their unique flavors that are smooth and full bodied in every cup. You can’t find these anywhere else. From the bean variety to the roasting ratios, the flavors are well rounded not leaving a too bitter taste or too much fruitiness. It leaves your mouth on a wild spin and your stomach at ease. 

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