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Did you know that coffee is grown in the Himalayan Mountains?

Posted on February 09 2023, By: Emily Ekanayake


Did you know?

Coffee also comes from the Himalayan Mountains where the most sought after mountain resides; Mount Everest? 

Organic coffee from Nepal is known for its unique and rich flavors. The country's unique climate and soil conditions, combined with traditional farming methods, result in a distinct taste profile that sets it apart from other coffee-growing regions.

Nepal's coffee is known for its notes of dark chocolate, spices, and a hint of fruitiness, with a medium-to-full body and low acidity. The beans are carefully grown and harvested in the shade of the Himalayan Mountains, surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, which contributes to the coffee's complex flavor profile.

If you're looking for a unique and flavorful coffee experience, we got you! Wild House Coffee has partnered directly with Sapana Coffee, a non-profit in conjunction with Elevate Nepal that helps build long term sustainability in the local communities through programs around agriculture, portable waterways and sanitation. 

We have 3 coffees that use Nepal beans!

  • EVEREST Single origin Nepal, a bright, fresh, and silky coffee that has notes of stone fruit, roasted nuts, and dark chocolate.

  • WHOLLY SPIRIT a blend of Sumatra and Nepal, with a smooth and nutty flavor, a hint of fruit, and a light - medium body

  • SUPERNATURAL a blend of India Monsoon and Nepal, with a smooth and earthly flavor, a hint of chocolate, and a dark body. This is a perfect blend for those with a sensitive digestive tract.

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