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How I went from $400 to Co-Founder!

Posted on February 14 2023, By: Dhanushka Ekanayake

Hi there!

My name is Dhanushka, but most people call me Dhan (pronounced Dan). I was born and raised in the country of Sri Lanka, a small island, just south of India. 

Ever since I was very young, maybe about 5, I have wanted to own a company. I would build things out of shoe boxes as if it was my own little empire. I have always been creative and innovative. I had blueprints made in my early 20s for a hotel in Sri Lanka. Everything was about to go through, and then boom; investments fell through. I was still determined and hadn't given up hope. I had an opportunity to come the United States and then had found myself with only $400 left to my name as I moved from California to New York City. I was homeless for a few weeks, but knew I was going to make it through. I learned many valuable lessons along the way about stewarding your finances. I didn't, however, allow my circumstances to define my future or that I was an immigrant stop me from building something of my own. 

Through relationships and networking, I was able to secure a job at Dunkin Donuts and worked my way up to management roles in the hospitality industry and now working at Chief - an Executive Women's Membership Club as a Sr. Associate. Even so, I still have the burning desire for something more. 

The experiences I have had taught me the importance of financial responsibility and stewardship. I always wanted to give more to others than keep for myself. I learned how to give even when I had nothing and because of that, blessings came my way. It led me to the greatest blessing, my wife, Emily, who inspires me everyday.

Then, the divine moment came when I met Mike Signorelli, my wife's pastor & mentor. Through a spontaneous conversation, Mike and I merged our visions of starting a beverage company into one. We both love adventure and are wild at heart. We wanted to bring quality coffee into the home, and that's where Wild House Coffee was born.

So, how do you really go from $400 as a immigrant to starting your own company? Simple, steward what you have in every season. Your life will naturally take you from glory to glory. 

I hope you continue to join me on this Wild Adventure and find your roar!




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