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Why Asian Coffee?

Why Asian Coffee?

Posted on March 07 2023, By: Emily Ekanayake

Why Asian Coffee?

Did you know that we source only Asian coffee for our blends?

We wanted to take a moment to explain why we have made this choice.

Asian coffee, including ours from
Sumatra, Nepal, and India, offers unique and distinct flavors that are not typically found in Central and South American coffee. These flavors often incorporate spices and herbs, creating a complex and exotic taste experience. For example, Sumatra coffee has a distinct earthy, spicy flavor with hints of cedar, tobacco, and dark chocolate. Nepalese coffee is known for its floral and citrus notes, while Indian coffee is often characterized by its spicy and fruity undertones.

While Central and South American coffee is also high-quality and delicious, we believe that Asian coffee provides a unique taste experience that is worth trying. We invite you to explore the flavors of our Sumatra, Nepalese, and Indian blends, and discover the richness and complexity of Asian coffee.

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The Wild House Coffee Team