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How can I support women in Asia?

Posted on February 16 2023, By: Emily Ekanayake


Supporting organic fair trade coffee farmers in Asia is a noble cause that can make a big difference in the lives of these farmers and their communities. Fair trade is an economic system that seeks to ensure that producers receive fair prices for their products and that workers are treated with dignity and respect. This is especially important for coffee farmers in Asia, who often face challenges such as low prices for their crops, limited access to markets, and poor working conditions.

Our Sumatra comes from a Women’s Cooperative in Indonesia!

Ketiara Cooperative Indonesia is a coffee cooperative located in the Takengon region of Aceh, Indonesia. It was founded in 2008 by a group of 38 women who wanted to improve their economic standing and provide better opportunities for their families and community.

The cooperative focuses on producing high-quality, organic coffee and works with local farmers to help them improve their farming practices, increase yields, and access better markets. They also prioritize social and environmental sustainability, investing in projects that benefit their members and the broader community.

With our direct purchase of beans, we are able to ensure you receive the best quality coffee that supports the women of Ketiara! 

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The Wild House Coffee Team